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Happy Hols!

I’ve just received this from a lovely couple who’ve been out here to see us a couple of times now and who we’ve really taken to our hearts. I think they quite like Le Chant d’Oiseau too. Anyway – I mentioned about the literary effect this place sometimes has on our guests in an earlier blog, remember? Well we happened to mention the poetry to Joy & Les who then became obsessed with writing one too. In fact, I think their effort is superb as it tells the story of their stay with us and of trying to come up with something creative at the same time. It’s just had me laughing out loud, remembering the great week we had with them again just recently.

Here it is. No names have been changed to protect the innocent, and Joy & Les – if you’re reading this – THANK YOU!

A Poem….
….or Not !

At last here we are arriving at Le Chant d’Oiseau. I climb wearily out of the car and go to open the gates. We’ve been looking forward to this for weeks. As I enter I take in the happy scene of smiley faces and a great, silly dog lolloping towards us. There’s hugs and smiles and happy faces and squeals of delight all around. Finally we go off to set up the van while Syb , Stu and Sheila get the kettle on and get
ready for a catching up chat.

We are soon settled and happily chatting away. There are new members that have been added to this happy band since last we were here. There are two beautiful cats and a very chatty group of chickens. As we begin to unwind Stu sort of mentions that several people have been writing poems to glorify this idyllic “place de vacances” and maybe we would like to have a go!!! Shock, horror, “great idea” I say. Inwardly I’m groaning because I know for certain that Les will never put pen to paper and I’m hopeless at verse.

Down in the Loire at Le Chant d’Oiseaux
In a place where pretty flowers grow.

That’s it…I’m stuck, it’s a glass of wine, or maybe two, and off to bed.

The next day and we’re up breakfasted, on eggs from Syb’s chickens, my they were the best eggs we’ve had for many a long day. Now we’re off for a day of Chateaux and shopping!

Again on arrival back at the site we are greeted by happy faces, cats,chickens and a very bouncy dog. Whilst relaxing with a cuppa, Sheila joins us armed with her photo’s of Villandry and its beautiful gardens. We sat in the sun looking at her prized pictures of a treasured day out and of course decided a visit was in order.

In the meantime…

Down in the Loire where the flowers grow,
Where people come and people go
It’s there that you’ll meet Syb and Stu


O gawd. I think I’ll get my knitting out or maybe a book. I’m terrified of failing but I’ve got no option. Maybe I should just forget about it for a few days…Which is just what I did.

After a very long day at the wheel,
You’ll find you’ll be welcomed with amazing zeal.
The kettle goes on and all dash out
And Bracken begins to jump and shout.
The chucks waddle over to gossip and chat
And Syb appears cuddling a cat!

Now then, there’s two cats so what’s next? I know, there’s a BBQ tonight so maybe I’ll get inspired then. Guess what? We had a great time at the BBQ. Rory turned up and told us all about the house he’s trying to buy and we all had too much to eat and too much to drink and we had a lot of fun, but no inspiration.

We have now been home for several weeks and have talked often about our wonderful holiday and the beautiful places we visited. Inspiration for poetry I’m afraid failed me, but glorious memories of wonderful friends, peaceful countryside, spectacular Chateaux and once again a very happy and helpful family will remain in our hearts.

Our love to you all,

Joy and Les Winkworth.

Until the next time, au revoir.


All content © Le Chant d’Oiseau, 2006-2008

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For some reason or another, Le Chant d’Oiseau inspires the literary side of some of our guests. I was just reading through the guest book this morning, looking for an address and I found these three poems. All lovely, all written by guests and I thought I’d share them with you.

We thought we’d stay for just one night
On this quiet, pretty site
‘Le Chant d’Oiseau’ – so apt a name
From dawn to dusk the birdsong came.
An ancient farmhouse – shuttered blue
An idyll created by Syb and Stu
Walks with Bracken down a wooded road.
In the shower – a brown warty toad!
A barn owl swooped – a sight to see
Dejeuner under the willow tree.
Crickets chirping on warm, starry nights
A visit to the caves of the Troglodytes.
Gentle bike rides round about.
Sightseeing ’til we were chateau-ed out!
Splendid meals, great bon hommie
That’s how ONE night stretched into three…then four….then twelve!

Pat Needham. June 2006.

Le Chant is Idyllic, friendly, fantastic….
We rested, relaxed and recycled our plastic!

Stu showed us lizards and a barbeque glory….
Syb delighted us with her food and mad stories!

They came to our rescue with the airbed they lent….
The boys drank our beer and fleeced all our cents!

The kids slowly but surely turned blue in the pool….
But….we SO kicked your ass at the boule!

Thanks for a wonderful holiday. Amanda, Tim & family. April 2007.

With a heavy heart and a tear in the eye
How sad we all are to be saying goodbye
3 weeks here has just flown past
Our holiday is over, but the memories will last
Good company, good food, plenty of good wine
Le Chant d’Oiseau always guarantee a good time!
Stu & Syb and every Bradley*
Love you all and we’ll miss you madly
Here’s to next year and the Boomerang Gang
‘Cos before you know it, we’ll be back with a bang!

*Including animals of course!!
X Great big kiss for Niall from Izzy!

The Maynards. August 2007.

Until the next time, au revoir.


All content © Le Chant d’Oiseau, 2006-2008

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