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Now, I have nothing against them personally. So I can’t help but wonder what I’ve done to offend them.

I’ve never been to Morocco. I’ve thought about it. Often. I’ve longed for the sun on my face, listening to the crash of the waves on the beach, my board parked next to me, waiting to have another hour in the surf. I’ve imagined the casbah’s, old men sat outside the street café’s, surgically linked to their hookah’s. I even took home a holiday brochure once. I even like couscous.

So it stuns me even more that in the past month or so our website’s been ‘hacked’ by fundamentalist Islamic Moroccans, intent on destroying the business of a white (very white – it’s been a long winter, I need some Moroccan sunshine) male, based in France who owns a few gites and a small (but perfectly formed, ladies & gentlemen) campsite. What’s the point?

In this day and age of wonder, the Internet stuns me on a daily basis. What I can learn amazes me. I find it enthralling and captivating to the point where I’m becoming geek-like, and I can’t help it. I surf like an ASP (Google it) champion, and I love it. But, in my business life I’d like to think that there are barriers that we don’t cross. I don’t preach to you, please don’t preach to me. I don’t send you spam, please don’t send it to me. I don’t want to bring down governments, I don’t want to cause traffic on the M25 to come to a standstill (doesn’t need MY help anyway), so please don’t hack my website!

So, what’s happened is that I now have binned my Moroccan holiday brochure, I’ve stopped dreaming of the sun on my face, as it’s starting to appear here in France now. I’ve stopped hearing waves crashing on the beach. And I bloody well won’t be buying anymore couscous!

Until the next time, au revoir.


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