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A Bad Run.

We’ve had a bad run lately. We’ve lost two of our pets out on the road here in as many weeks. First Velcro, and just last week Tiger Fluff. Two crazy cats adored by all who came into contact with them. Funny, entertaining, sweet and loving. We live out in the sticks here, so you’d think that traffic would be calmer. It is to an extent, but we’ve noticed that the cars seem to whizz along the lane just lately! What makes me so angry is the attitude that ‘it’s only a cat’. That it isn’t worth knocking on someone’s door, and apologising for snuffing out an innocent little life. Ok, we fully realise that you can’t control a cat. It’s the other way round, I know. I’m really a recent convert to feline charms and I wouldn’t be without them now. It’s so sad though that rather than telling us, even though we’d be just as devastated at the loss, they choose to leave the animals broken and bloody by the side of the road. You know, if folks did tell us, and even apologised, then we’d feel better about it all, believing that at least they cared.

The two that remain, Splodge & Wisp don’t seem the same somehow. Neither are we, I suppose, having been touched by these funny little things. Sleep tight, little mites.

Until the next time, au revoir.


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